Allows you to view your current balance of funds.
Allows you to teleport from the spawn cannon to a random location in the warzone.
Allows you to switch between faction chat and public chat.
  • /chat f - Switches you to Faction only chat
  • /chat p - Switches you to Public chat
Allows you to view data about players on the server.
  • /core seen (name) - Shows a player's join date and most recent activity.
Allows you to view all available faction commands they can perform.
Allows you to choose and customize your kill-fireworks that appear when slaying another player.
Allows you to view or distribute your lives in order to revive someone.
  • /lives amount - Shows your current amount of lives
  • /lives give (name) (amount) - Shows your current amount of lives
Allows users to engage in a private conversation.
  • /msg (name) (message) - Sends a private message to another user
Allows users to pay other players using the in-game currency.
  • /pay (name) (amount) - Tranfers funds from you to another user
Allows you to view your deaths and disable pvp protection.
  • /pvp lives - same as the /lives command above
  • /pvp enable - Removes your protection from fighting other players
Allows you to place protected chests on faction land.
Allows you to revive yourself or another player.
  • /revive - Attempts to remove your deathban or ghostban
  • /revive (name) - Attempts to remove that player's deathban or ghostban